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Privacy Policy of

Each user of has to register by filling in the registration form in which he gives the required information. Upon registration You submit your e-mail address, name, photo and ID of your Facebook registration, as well as a consent for posting on your Facebook wall.

We as well shall use „cookies” which can identify your browser or profile in By using our site you grant us a permission to store cookies on your device and an access to them.

We shall use this information to deliver our services to you. Under no circumstances shall this information be revealed to third parties except for cases when required by law. Part of this information is published in your profile on with your consent. You agree that part of this information may be used for marketing purposes and statistics of You agree to receive commercial messages from on your registration e-mail.

Upon deleting the registration, removes from its database all of your contact details for the reason that you stop further receiving e-mails from us. Any user can delete his registration in with reason or with no reason by following the instructions in the site. Upon deleting the registration you renounce your rights in the site. shall have no obligation to recover your registration. submits information to third parties such as commercial networks and their relevant software code. This information is used for personalized targeting of the commercials provided by them as well as for the relevant marketing analysis tools.

The possibility of a refusal to provide such information is clearly explained in the Privacy Policies of the third parties.